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Cheshire - Peak Forest Canal - Marple to Portland Basin, Ashton-under-lyne

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How to get there - Marple is on the A626, 10 miles south-east of Manchester.

For those with SatNav the postcode is SK6 6BN.

To do this trip as a "one way" paddle you will need to leave a car at the end at the Portland Basin Museum at Ashton-under-lyme.

For those with SatNav the postcode is OL7 0QA.

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Suggested Launch Site - The suggested launch site is at the car park just east of Marple Aquaduct and just west of the first of the 16 locks at Marple. To get there take the track next to the canal next to Winnington Road, Marple and follow this north past 8 locks. Launch over the bank.

General Description - The paddle is about 7.5 miles long and passes through some really nice countryside and small areas of industrialisation. It got rather noisy around the motorway tunnel but they are knocking down some old factories.

There are no locks but three aquaducts (some more obvious than others) and three tunnels (the longest is Hyde Bank Tunnel at 307 yards) to add interest.

The trip ends at the Portland Basin Museum at Ashton-under-lyme which is worth a visit if you have time.

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15 Aug 2020
Hi great route, thanks for posting. Just to say, that's not a car park by the Marple Canal, it's just a wide turn towards the house there and access to the works yard. People illegally parking there causes a lot of problems for them. Please don't park there.

jason maddocks
29 Sep 2012
hi paddled this root today as a return was gonna return on the tame from portland basin but bottled it it still looked a bit quick with all the recent rain and was on my own better safe than sorry and if in doubt and all that lol still a good long paddle took best part 6 hours return lots of friendly people 3 king fishers 2 herons and a fox good day out .oh and as to my previous message steps down to river tame dead obvious as you arrive .

j maddocks
03 Sep 2012
thinking of doing this trip in a couple of weeks and getting on the river sounds like fun just wondered are the steps down easy to find and how far is the canal from the river at the weir get out ie will i need my trolley thanks

29 Aug 2012
If you have the time and water level is high enough there are steps at portland basin near the boatyard that lead to the river follow it only a grade 1 normally until you reach a 4 foot vertical weir get out river left and walk back to the canal and return to marple


Portland Basin Museum
Peak Forest Canal

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