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Somerset - Wimbleball Lake - Brompton Regis to Circumnavigation of Lake/Resevoir

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How to get there - From Tiverton take the A396 north past Dulverton. Turn right for Brompton Regis and follow the brown Wimbleball signs. (Single track roads!)

Go into the entrance and park in the "Angler's" car park near the office, toilets and changing rooms with showers. Cost to launch was £6 per canoe (including car park) per day in March 2007.

One can take boats to the launch point by car, but cars should be returned to the car park after unloading.

For thosw with SatNav the postcode is TA22 9NU.

Get a map with driving directions to start (enter the postcode of your starting point at A)

Suggested Launch Site - There is a track to the watersports hut lakeside, and on to the launch point by floating platforms.

General Description - Wimbleball is the biggest of South West lakes Trust lakes. The distance around the lake by water, keeping clear of the dam cordon and not going under the bridge into the nature reserve, is about 7.5 miles.

I launched and headed south along the coast to the dam cordon. It is worth getting out there to walk to the dam to look at the overflow water cascading down and for the view down the valley from the top of the dam.

I followed the rope to the far bank and then went along the shore into the wooded south east arm. At the apparent end it was possible to paddle through the shrubs and up the stream to a low footbridge. I returned and then followed the bank to the north and east. I then crossed the lake to near the start point for shelter, for a picnic lunch. After lunch I recrossed the lake to continue along the shore to complete the circumnavigation.

In March herons, ducks, coots, crows, gulls, a hawk and, in the shallows, many frogs were visible, with some frogspawn and some toadspawn. There were only four other boats on the lake, midweek.

There is a tearoom near the lake, but this is mainly open in Summer.

The lake is large enough for significant waves when it is windy. The lake is large and you may be out of sight of anyone, especially on the southeast arm. In Summer the lake may be quite busy with dinghy races, windsurfers and other watersports learners.

There is a camp site adjacent to the lake (£5 per head per night - £3 for parties of 15 or over) - phone 01398 371257.

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Nick Manley
07 Jan 2010
We have been a few times in 2009 and found you need a minimum of 3 canoes to explore outside the area covered by the rescue boat.

Mike Perrott
03 Dec 2009
I went to Wimberball this autumn (2009)and they wouldn't let me on until another canoe turned up as they said that they had no safety cover. I explained that I am a Level 2 coach etc. but rules is rules was the answer. So don't turn up and expect to get on the lake. Best to phone beforehand,


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