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Norfolk - Bure - Coltishall to Wroxham Broad

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How to get there - Take the B1354 from Wroxham to Coltishall. As you come in to Coltishall there is an area of common on the left which is on the riverbank where there are some moorings for river cruisers, and which is clearly visible from the road. We turned left and then immediately right into a small cul-de-sac road here and parked on the edge of the common, just a few yards to get canoes/kayaks down to the river.

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Suggested Launch Site - We launched from the common at Coltishall as described in the start point information above. We have since read that this is not strictly allowed by the Parish Council, however there were no objections from anybody when we launched (it was a Friday morning). It was an easy get-in at the moorings. The alternative apparently is at Belaugh a short way downstream, though when we paddled past here there did not appear to be much parking space.

General Description - This was approximately 8 miles one-way. We left a bike at the finish point at Wroxham Broad and one of us cycled back to get the car, but if you are using two cars there is free parking at the finish point in a small car park. This car park wasn't too busy when we were there, though it was not a weekend. A really beautiful stretch of river, we saw five kingfishers! We also saw a snake in the water. We found a really peaceful little spot to stop for lunch in the sun. It was very quiet upstream from Wroxham, because there is a lowish bridge here which prevents the larger craft from going upstream. Once you get beyond Wroxham it does get a lot busier. The finish point we used was just beyond the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club.



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