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Yorkshire - Leeds & Liverpool Canal and River Aire - Kildwick to Kildwick Bridge

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How to get there - Kildwick is located at the end of the Aire valley trunk road! 4 miles from Keighley and 4 miles from Skipton.

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Suggested Launch Site - You can launch easily on the canal by the swing bridge

General Description - Head towards Skipton! There are a couple of bridges which most boats should easily pass under! Once at an old road bridge over the canal you need to get out and portage. (Cross the road and head down Cononley Lane, then, just before you get to the new houses you need to use the stile and get into and cross the the field, There are plenty of places to launch.)

Down stream there are no real obsticles it is just a lovely paddle! Go down to the road bridge at Kildwick & get out under the bypass bridge! You can get out below the weir but getting up the bank is murder!



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