Canoe Days Out

Monmouthshire - Llangorse Lake - Llangors to & return

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How to get there - About 5 miles east of Brecon (SO 12762 27104).

Reached via the B4560.

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Suggested Launch Site - One launch area at the end of the access track. Plenty of room. Car park adjacent. Wild fowl everywhere so watch where you're treading!

General Description - June 2011. Seemingly straightforward access. Turn up, pay your 8.50 or whatever it is today and drop your canoe in. No angst with safety cover or the like. You could be the only craft on the water and nobody seems too bothered. Tootle around all day if you have the stamina.

The drawback is that there is restricted access to most of the waters edge so you keep to the middle. Plenty of room though. Basic ammenities. Probably crowded in high season and maybe noisy(?)


Lakeside Caravan & Camping Park

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The last trip loaded was Great Haywood to Great Haywood (Circular Route) on the River Trent / Trent & Mersey Canal by Peter Robinson