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Norfolk - River Bure - Coltishall to Horstead Mill (& return)

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How to get there - Coltishall Common is alongside the B1354 from Wroxham to Coltishall.

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Suggested Launch Site - Launch from Coltishall Common. There is a short(ish) portage from the road to the river. In the Summer you may find the moorings are occupied and so have to launch in between boats.

General Description - A short adventure from Coltishall to Horstead Mill. Paddle upstream from the Common. This is the head of navigation according to hire boat companies although locals know otherwise. You will encounter a fork in the river. To the right leads to Coltishall lock (derelict). To the left is signposted to Horstead Mill. This branch is narrow and shallow with the possibility of underwater obstructions. Theres no chance of powered craft getting up here! The current is fairly strong. Eventually you will see Horstead mill race. Take care as the water not only goes down the river you have just paddled, it also disappears down concealed courses in the bushes to the right. If your craft is not manoeuvrable then be sure to keep clear of the strong eddies as you turn round!

June 2011 a fair amount of weed which could foul a rudder if you have one.

Coming back is pretty fast!

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25 Oct 2011
Coltishall Common is parish owned and launching of canoes and kayaks is prohibited by the local parish. Launch from Belaugh instead for this trip.



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