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Norfolk - Dilham and North Walsham Canal - Wayford Bridge to Honing Lock

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How to get there - Take the A1151 out of Wroxham and follow this road for around 7 miles. There is a brown sign for boat hire just before you go over Wayford bridge. Turn right following the brown sign and the slipway is at the end of this small road.

For those with SatNav a nearby postcode is NR12 9LN.

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Suggested Launch Site - The launch site is the parish slipway for Smallburgh Parish. The slipway is restricted to boats and canoes smaller than 12 feet. The entry point is quite narrow and you need to do a rapid turn to avoid moored vessels. You can also hire boats and canoes from this location (Bank Dayboats tel 01692 582457).

General Description - Head out from the moorings and turn left onto the River Ant. Go under the road bridge and paddle past the houseboats moored on the right bank. Shortly after the houseboats the start of the canal appears on your right. Take this turn - no motorised boats are allowed. Simply follow the canal through some beautiful wooded and open water - very peaceful and tranquil. There is a lovely view of an old mill and brick built bridge and the last parts before Honing Lock are more overgrown but passable with care (and some hard paddling!). Total distance to Honing and back around 2 1/2 hours at a gentle pace (round trip around 5 miles on still water).

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09 Sep 2021
Be aware that it appears the farmer who owns the canal has now imposed a ban on hire canoes (unless they are his hire canoes) using the stretch from the Wayford junction up to at least the canal camping the other side of Honing Lock and also a charge (£5 per craft I think in 2021) for private canoe and kayak users payable at the jetty just before Tonnage Bridge. Prior to this free permissive use,to my knowledge, had been granted but this appears to no longer be the case.

08 Apr 2018
Tried to paddle up the canal from Smallburgh staithe tree is still there so had to u turn and take main motor boat route. Luckily a quiet day and didn't pass anything other than a few bolshy swans.

10 Mar 2018
March 2018Just paddled Dilham canal and then to honing lock.... almost there but fallen tree still in the way, hopefully it will be removed soon. Amazing paddle, tons of wildlife including otters! Well worth it.. take food and drink and hope that there isnt any wind

Duncan Wyer
15 Sep 2017
Did this route solo in a Canadian canoe today , sew kingfishers , barn owl very enjoyable stretch of water

14 Jun 2016
Parted with 3 hard earned £'s and plopped in at Banks Boats on parish staithe. Took right hand side after Wayford Bridge, along canal avoiding large swan family and large horned beasts. Under Tonnage bridge then took left fork to Honing Lock, unfortunately tree fall blocked way. Returned to Wayford and took a right up to Dilham. Lots of wildlife to admire, passed one other canoe and two motors at Dilham. Three hours well spent.

27 Oct 2012
Take a look at this videohttp//

Grahame Taylor
19 Aug 2011
June 2011. The last part of this journey is very narrow indeed with many encroaching trees/bushes. At Honing lock there may not be enough room to turn and so you may need to go backwards 30 yds to turn round. Quite a lot of weed which could foul a rudder if you have one. All in all a bit of an adventure!

22 May 2009
Here is a link to the spot on google maps,1.396637&sspn=0.1929,0.543823&g=nr28&ie=UTF8&ll=52.794251,1.452234&spn=0.003017,0.008497&t=h&z=17& a link to some pics of it on youtube

22 May 2009
You can also start from Honing. There is a triangle of grass where the road goes to Dilham coming from the street/main street in Honing, that is a good spot to respectfully park. it is ideal for kayaking/canoing and plenty of spots to pull up, enjoy it!


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