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Oxfordshire - River Thames - Eynsham Lock to Sandford

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How to get there - We started from Eynsham Lock because we had camped overnight as part of a four day camping and canoing trip.If you want to do this as a stand alone trip I would suggest starting from Wolvecote (north west Oxford - see map here) which will shorten the trip by about three miles.

For those with SatNav the postcode is OX2 8PU

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Suggested Launch Site - If starting from Eynsham Lock launch and pass through the lock. If starting from Wolvercote launch over the bank downstream of the bridge. (here)

General Description - The first half of this trip is rural but the second half takes you through Oxford, the city of gleaming spires, passing the College boathouses and some of the College themselves. You will probably have time for a detour up the Cherwell for a closer look at some of the Colleges. We also had time for a brief detour to the Oxford Canal.

If lunchtime coincided with your arrival at Iffley Lock I Can recommend a short walk to The Prince of Wales - the lock-keeper will keep an eye on your canoe.

The trip ends at the Kings Arms, Sandford Lock, back into the countryside south of Oxford. The total trip is 10 miles, 4 locks and no portages.

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Phil Tauwhare
19 Sep 2013
1 July 2013 launched from the garden of the Rose Revived (we had stayed here the night), very little river traffic and not too many fishermen! Countryside is a bit more flat and open until Oxford. Lunched at the Trout at Wolvercote we felt a bit out of place in our canoe gear among the suits and ties but great spot by the weir. (Aim to get out on east bank well before the bridge or west side has low banks by footpath) beyond Oxford we had an easy getout at Donnington bridge by the scout centre (East side). Another lovely day on the river.


Godstow Nunnery
The Prince Of Wales at Iffley
Thames Conditions

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