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Derbyshire - Chesterfield Canal - Brimington to Tapton Lock/Stavely (& return)

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How to get there - Just off the Chesterfield Ring Road on the north east side of the city. The easiest parking I am aware of is at the bottom of Newbridge Lane (see map below - if you know better parking/put-ins please comment) in Brimington on the edge of Chesterfield. You want to approach the canal from the eastern side and then drive down the narrow lane to the bottom where there is a small car park.

For those with SatNav the postcode is S43 1LX

Get a map with driving directions to start (enter the postcode of your starting point at A)

Suggested Launch Site - The easiest put-in is at the bottom of Newbridge Lane next to were you parked. Typical canal type entry, so pretty straight forward. If you head south there is a slipway 200 yds short of Tapton Lock (this is the best way out for a cup of tea and loo). North is a quiet stretch of canal so you can get out anywhere you like

General Description - Gentle shortish canal trip with 4 locks good for novices. Currently not used by other boats as it is not connected through to the Trent. About 3.5 miles or so in total length, making a round trip to both ends about 7 miles. (The put-in is sort of in the middle)

The short southern leg goes to Tapton Lock where you can probably get a snack and loos. The northern leg runs out into open country.

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29 Aug 2009
My dad and I canoed this route on the 29/08/09. We have just decided to give Kayaking a go as a new hobby and wanted a stretch of waterway to try them out.This canal was perfect for newcomers, its totally deserted or was when we went except for a small group of scouts. There are a few locks to practice getting in and out of the water, its shallow enough to stand up in but not too shallow incase you capsize. There is a pub half way along which has access from the waters edge (a bit of a struggle as nobody ever stops there anymore) but a pub is a pub and it served beer.As far as an entry point goes there were 2 options that we saw - 1) parking on the roadside next to the Visitors centre on Lockoford road - this is the best bet as you have to go here anyway to pay for your licence. or 2) parking at free carpark on station road near the pub.All in all, a quiet easy going stretch of water for a dip for beginners.

Paul Booker
13 Aug 2008
The guide would be better saying;
Southern launch at Tapton lock on Lockoford Lane. Easy parking and free with easy access to the canal. Paddle north to Staveley.
Northern launch, park at or near Morrisons (at Staveley)and paddle south to Chesterfield. The canal is blocked north of here at present.
The link also does not mention that you need to pay an access fee (1.50 for a day) as this is not a British Waterways canal or subject to a BCU agreement. This can be paid to a ranger or at the visitors centre at Tapton Lock - Tel 01246 551035. There is/will be negotiations to make a canoe trail using the river Rother that runs parallel to the canal and enable a round trip in the future, but you are probably aware on how slow these things are.


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