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Staffordshire - River Trent - Kings Bromley to Alrewas

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How to get there - Take A515 north out of Kings Bromley (The Yoxall Road). Launch from the lay-by (plenty of free parking) after 200 yards on the left.

For those with SatNav a nearby postcode is DE13 7HE.

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Suggested Launch Site - The river runs right past the lay-by. Park by the gate and lift over the adjacent stile. An easy launch spot.

General Description - The Trent divides at Kings Bromley. This short trip starts on the southern branch which carries less water. It may be shallow for 1/4 mile till the main branch joins left. An easy four mile meander to Alrewas.

For an interesting variation take the small right branch under the large renovated mill just as the first Alrewas houses appear. This leads to an easy exit a few yards from Alrewas Church or rejoins the river at the junction with the Trent and Mersey canal.

The canal navigation crosses the river but the main course flows over Alrewas weir. Easy portage right. Shootable right at low water levels.

Land right at Willow Brook Farm campsite (Tel. 01283 790217). This lovely (but noisy)site is unmarked from the river, but the best landing spot is just at the end of the first long right hand bend after passing under the A38.

The nearby National Armed Forces Memorial was opened by the Queen on Friday 12 October 2007. It will open to the public on 29 October, but I sneaked in early. Even before the landscaping matures, it is a very moving place.


Canoeing the Trent
National Armed Forces Memorial

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