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Herefordshire - River Wye - Huntsham/Symonds Yat to Monmouth

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How to get there - From Monmouth north on A49 to Whitchurch, then slip road B4229 towards Goodrich. First right leads down to bridge. We recommend starting here rather than in the crowded village of Symonds Yat.

For those with SatNav the post code is HR9 6JL. For Huntsham follow the road a mile north till it crosses the river.

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Suggested Launch Site - Small gully on north bank and west of road to slide down. Roadside parking.

General Description - One of a sequence of trips which we did down the River Wye. If you wanted to, you could combine two or more sections to make a longer day out. There is a fairly strong current in places, nothing dramatic, but take these as one-way trips. Above Hereford there are a few more difficult areas. For full details, get a copy of Canoeists Guide to the River Wye. , £14.50 from the Environment Agency or any good bookshop. Keep an eye out for storms in the Welsh mountains which can raise the river level rapidly.

Public navigation, but be considerate to fishermen.

On this section, you can return by bus.

9 miles, including the Symonds Yat rapids. At low water, when we did it, these were very tame; but if water is higher, or if you are not confident, inspect from path along old railway track on left bank first. The scenery here is superb, between steep wooded hills and limestone cliffs. Take out at Monmouth at steps by rowing club on right bank, just above bridge. There is also a fairly new landing site at Redbrook, a couple of miles further on, not mentioned in our edition of the EA guide, and parking there looks easier than Monmouth.

For the purposes of this website, we would say GO NO FURTHER! The tidal section starts a little further on from Redbrook, with no intermediate landing. Landing stages are very muddy, currents are vicious as you might expect from a 14m tidal range, and the EA guide adds 'dangerous weirs'. We inspected, and saw a whole tree going up and down with the tide.

Comments on this trip

Grahame Wells
04 Oct 2010
There's a council launch site at Kern Bridge

Martin A
18 Mar 2009
Please note that link to Canoeing guide to the Wye is now dead. Just search "Canoe Wye" on the EA website instead.

01 Mar 2007
Be careful launching here. The access point was closed a few years ago and you have to pass the canoe over a barbed-wire topped gate. Use discretion - access on the wye is getting to be an issue!


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