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Herefordshire - River Wye - Holme Lacy to Hoarwithy

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How to get there - From campsite just south of junction of B4224 and B4399.

For those with SatNav the postcode is HR1 4LP.

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Suggested Launch Site - The site is Lucksall Caravan Site, east bank below bridge, by permission (ring 01432 870213 - no problems encountered). Down a steep bank to a small landing stage

General Description - One of a sequence of trips which we did down the River Wye. If you wanted to, you could combine two or more sections to make a longer day out. There is a fairly strong current in places, nothing dramatic, but take these as one-way trips. Above Hereford there are a few more difficult areas. For full details, get a copy of 'Canoeist's Guide to the River Wye', £5 from the Environment Agency (or download here). Keep an eye out for storms in the Welsh mountains which can raise the river level rapidly.

Public navigation, but be considerate to fishermen.

This section about 8 miles, to the first bridge below the start at Holme Lacy. Landing is on east bank 1/4 mile below bridge at Hoarwithy, by permission (ring 01432 840223 - no problems encountered - an easy haul out) or on the west bank at Tresseck Camp Site (phone 01432 840235). Two cars needed or ring for taxi to get back.

In this part the River Wye goes into meander mode, swinging between hills on either side of the valley. The damselflies have to be seen to be believed - no wonder it's a good fishing river. the Italianate church at Hoarwithy is well worth a visit, for film buffs (used as location) and students of the architecturally odd.

Additional photographs (particularly of the launch and recovery sites) are needed. If you have such photos please contact the siteowner.

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Nick Wells
25 Jan 2014
For those of you who would like to hire a canadian style canoe for 2 or 3 people, we can cover this stretch of river, we can do trips as far up the river as Glasbury through Hay on Wye, bredwardine, hereford, holme lacy, hoarwithy, ross on wye and symonds yat. We will provide buoyancy aids, paddles and dry barrels and give you a briefing on what to expect along with maps of the route. You come to us at Symonds Yat West and we will transport you upstream depending on how long you want to stay out for, then you paddle back to us. We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have on the Wye just give us a call 01600891100 or email or visit our website


E A Guide
Lucksall Camp Site
Environment Agency
Hoarwithy Church
Hoarwithy Camp Site

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