Canoe Days Out

Photo Album for Kent - River Medway - Allington/Maidstone to East Farleigh (& return) by David and Rhoda Wilson

Allington  Mark Emerson

Allington  Mark Emerson
Boats on the Medway  Richard White
Maidstone  yomiimoy
Maidstone Bridge  Leanne Byrom
Maidstone river 1  Leanne Byrom
Maidstone River 2  Leanne Byrom
Medway at Allington lock  Richard White
Rower on the Medway  Richard White
East Farleigh  Photo Paul
East Farleigh Lock  Richard Byrom
The last trip loaded was Melbourne to Cottingwith Lock via the Pocklington Canal, by Alan Brannon on 2nd December 2007.