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Bedfordshire - Great Ouse - Great Barford to St Neots

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How to get there - Great Barford is on the old A421 road between Bedford and the A1. There is no access to the village from the recently completed new section (not shown on interactive map) except at either end, i.e. some 4 miles away

For those with satNav the nearest postcode is MK44 3LF.

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Suggested Launch Site - From public access to riverside next to bridge in centre of village. Roadside parking nearby. Return from St Neots by bus (see link)or send someone ahead with car to St Neots car park. For those with SatNav a nearby postcode is PE19 2AP.

General Description - About 8 miles including 3 locks to be portaged. Enough current to make for easy paddling. Pleasantly rural scenery, with pub at Tempsford halfway for a break. Get out at St Neots in public park just south of town bridge, west bank, with public car park on far side.

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28 Apr 2011
Might be a good idea not to stop at the pub (Anchor at tempsford) as we did last week.Walked in to be greeted by a young lady dressed in not a lot. Seems it it is now a swingers club!!!!!!!!

Keith Day
23 Aug 2009
If you want to make this part of a two day trip there is a Camping & Caravan Club Site on the right bank half a mile before the end of this trip. Stay here overnight and then continue with this trip the next day.


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