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Middlesex - Grand Union Canal - Uxbridge to Harefield & Return

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How to get there - From Uxbridge take the A 408 Cowley Road southwards. Turn right at Cowley Mill Road. After the canal bridge turn left into Wallingford Road. There is a small parking area at the top of Wallingford Road

For those with SatNav a nearby postcode is UB8 2RW.

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Suggested Launch Site - There are no facilities at the car park. Launch by the bridge.

General Description - Paddle north through Uxbridge past many narrow boats. At Uxbridge Lock get out on the left and portage over the bridge. Carry on north to Denham Deep Lock where Fran's cafe may be open. Continue to Harefield Moor Lock and then to Black Jack's Lock (claimed to be haunted).

Continue and just before Coppermill Lock is the Coy Carp (formerly The Fisheries) pub/restaurant.

Just by the bridge is where the River Colne, or part thereof, runs into the canal. This provides a little white water for playing. The flow varies from time to time.

If you turn round here it is a 12 mile trip with 4 locks.

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Sarah Green
24 Jul 2017
Did you know that much of this wonderful area of the Colne Valley is 'potential construction zone' for HS2 and under terrible threat. Please join us in Not Standing for HS2 Save the Colne Valley protection camp and sit down protests. Many Thanks

Anita Rhodes
26 Jul 2011
Do you know if you can rent a day boat nearby


Colne Valley Country Park

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