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Cornwall - Lynher - Landrake to Saltash

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How to get there - Follow A38 across Tamar bridge in to Cornwall, bypassing Saltash until you are nearly at Landrake. Turn right in to Notter bridge pub (signposted). You may wish to ring the pub in advance out of courtesy.

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Suggested Launch Site - We parked just behind the pub and launched just there but I hear there is launching just before the pub. Quite a fast flowing river and a steep bank but plenty of tree routes to launch from/grab hold of! Don't be put off by this, it is well worth it!

General Description - Follow river all the way down until Saltash is on the left. (you will see the dockyard ahead and to the right).

At this point, you will need to turn left against the river flow up to a small beach just before the bridge. Don't try going under the bridge on outgoing tide. Too fast!

We had 2 cars for returning to Notter bridge for a well deserved pint


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