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Sussex - River Brede - Winchelsea to Brede Levels (& return)

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How to get there - From just north of Ferry Bridge, on a turning from the A259 at the bottom of the hill in Winchelsea and leading to Winchelsea Halt.

For those with SatNav the postcode is TN36 4JU.

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Suggested Launch Site - From the roadside, down a steep grassy bank

General Description - You can go in either direction. Upstream takes you into open country, as far as you like or until the river gets too shallow. This could be as much as 4 miles (i.e 8 miles return), to the A28 bridge at Brede, if there is plenty of water in the river. There is one weir at Udimore.

Downstream and turn right (a small weir to drag canoes over) takes you into the Royal Military Canal, under the walls of Old Winchelsea and perhaps as far as Pett (6 miles there& back). In the other direction, the Canal carries the Brede between deep banks and is not very interesting.

For canoeing on other stretches of the Royal Military canal, see under 'Kent'.

For photographs see web links.

Best undertaken in early season, before the weeds grow, otherwise the length of the trip is most likely to be curtailed by weed growth!

A deserted piece of countryside - the only people you are likely to meet are other users of this site. The Brede is thought to have ancient rights of navigation, as it was a tidal river before the lock was built at Rye.


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