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Sussex - River Adur - Shoreham by Sea to Near Partridge Green (& return)

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How to get there - A283 off A27 coast road.

For those with SatNav a nearby postcode is BN43 5TD.

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Suggested Launch Site - Best at east side of Old Shoreham footbridge, where there is some gravel even at low tide and free roadside parking. Alternatively at the public hard in the centre of Shoreham, by the footbridge, but parkng is restricted

General Description - This was an exhilarating trip with the tide, both going up and coming back. Even at our age (a combined 124!) we covered over 20 miles in 4 hours; but the current was probably responsible for 12 of those 20!

Put in about half an hour to one hour before high tide at Shoreham, and go up river as far as you feel like (up to 10 miles) before stopping for a picnic, and wait for the tide to turn. Start downstream again as soon as tide slackens, or the take out at Shoreham at low tide will be muddy. Expect currents of 4 mph or so at spring tides, but smooth with no turbulence, even at the narrow arch of Bramber Bridge.

The scenery is very pleasant through the gap in the South Downs, but after that nothing dramatic. Last mile or so, above the A281 bridge, is weedy.

Comments on this trip

17 Sep 2023
We paddled the section from Shoreham to Beeding and return yesterday and would offer some observation on the tide times (spring tide 1 day after new moon low at Shoreham 0.9m, high 6.07m). Wind generally easterly 1015mph with some localised sea breeze southerly through the downs gapWe left Shoreham public slipway almost exactly at high tide Shoreham and it took us 1h45 to get to Beeding (two adults in an inflatable kayak). The flow was initially slack but had definitely turned by the time we were 1h or 1h15 after high tide Shoreham. The last couple of bends were hard work paddling into an increasing ebb!The journey back was lovely although reaching the slipway at 4h after high tide Shoreham we found a thick section (probably 30ft or so) of mud preventing us from getting back to the concrete ramp. Luckily we found a route under the railway bridge which allowed us to stay mostly in pebbles and reach the riverside cycle path.

17 Sep 2021
Thanks for all the info on this page, one bit of info I haven't been able to find anywhere online is tide times along the river relative to high water time at Shoreham. If anyone can help with this that would be really appreciated. Thanks

21 Aug 2020
Martin, we did Bramber to Shermanbury yesterday (10km; 6.5m tide) and felt it topped out at Sherman about 2 hours after Shoreham (1pm) much more than we expected. (I read Bramber was 45mins). A stiff afternoon southerly may have pushed it up.

05 Aug 2020
I think you can go up about 1/2 mile from Bines Green bridge on one arm of the Adur and as far as Shermanbury Grange on the other arm. Bines Green seems a good place to put in with a layby and an easy stile to access the river bank. Does anyone know how far behind Shoreham this section is for tides

17 Feb 2017
How high up the Arun can I put a sit on top kayak in

04 May 2016
Hi, I am looking to do the same trip this June, weekend of the 11th/12th. The company I am hiring an open canoe from tell me low tide is at 1030 so I would need to leave not much before 1200 but am told I will not be able to catch the return tide. Is this correct

Keith Day
27 May 2010
An alternative put in is here on Combe's Road, half a mile north of the A27. There is a height restriction on the car park and a short portage along the north bank of the inlet to a concrete slipway at Lancing College Sailing Club to give access at all states of the tide.

21 Jun 2009
Have just pottered about at the upper end of this, nice put in just south of Partridge Green at 50 56 742N 0 18 512W. From there I had a very easy (and tranquil)trip south for about 0.56 of a mile which brought me very close to the Adur junction but also brought me to a weir which for a whole bunch of reasons I didn't want to traverse. Headed back the direction I came and went about .75m upstream from launch point to 50 57 194N 0 19 324W. Weedy in places and at the end getting a bit Apocalypse Now like as the river narrowed and there were corpses in the water (ok a dead sheep). Probably could have gone further upstream but ran out of time and inclination. All told a very pleasant nature paddle - and all the fishermen I encountered were also pleasant :)

John Radoux
27 Feb 2007
I learned to canoe on this river and can recommend it to anyone


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