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Suffolk - River Stour - Sudbury to Bures

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How to get there - Sudbury is on A131/A134. Follow signposts to Granary Theatre.

For those with SatNav the postcode is CO10 2AN.

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Suggested Launch Site - Slipway by headquarters of River Stour Trust, next to theatre. Free parking courtesy of the River Stour Trust. If doing this as a one way trip the recommended get out is at Bures with Parking at the recreation ground car park.

General Description - One of Britain's earliest commercial waterways, dating from 1705, and restored as a Millennium project. Only limited parts are suitable for powered boats, so peaceful for canoeists. All weirs are easily portageable. This section, about 8 miles, can be done as a single trip downstream (return to Sudbury by bus or train) or an out-and-back from either end.

The river meanders from side to side of a wide valley, with hills on either side. Excellent meals at The Swan, Henny Street, about 3 miles from Sudbury.

BCU or EA licence required. Downloadable guide from the River Stour Trust, and details of an annual (September) social canoe trip 'Sudbury to the Sea'

Comments on this trip

David Wilson
05 Feb 2007
Sorry about not detailing the get out point. We were on the other side of the river to the main Colchester Road, by the village hall. There is a car park there, and the 'park' referred to by David T is the local sports ground, but, yes, still 200 yd portage though no need to cross the narrow bridge!

David Turner
07 Sep 2006
There is no mention of the get out point. I had a little paddle getting in at Bures, I parked in Colchester road on the grass verge. You have to portage about 200 yards, including over a bridge which is tight, but a good launch point. There appeared to be a park, with parking on this side of the river, but again a 200 yard portage to the river. I paddled upstream for couple of miles, then back again, was very nice.


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