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Monmouthshire - Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal - Goytre to Goytre (&return)

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How to get there - From the large A465/A40 roundabout just south of Abergavenny, take the A4042 south. Turn right just after the gatehouse in Llanover (set back on the left hand side) and the railings on the right hand side. Road easily missed - check on Google's street view. Goytre Wharf entrance is just under a mile on the left. (Alternative access point is the 2nd road on the left after leaving the main road at Llanover.)

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Suggested Launch Site - Goytre Wharf has parking (1 a day), a tea room and loos but the parking is some way away from the canal and so transport has to be driven back to the car park after unloading.

Nominally the launch site is the BWB wharf, but there can be snags as theres only the one short public mooring. If this is already occupied then it can be tricky threading your vessel between the end of the mooring and the moored boat! The adjacent moorings are private and the nearby boatyard is singularly disinterested in offering an alternative access. If the mooring is vacant then there are no problems except if you return to find a boat in the way!

To avoid potential hassle you could consider launching from a free car park site adjacent to a bridge just two bridges up from the wharf on the Brecon side (SO 31412 07128). Check out with Googles street view.

General Description - Trips can be made either side of the BWB Goytre Wharf (SO 31267 06508). Typical pleasant Monmouth and Brecon Canal scenery gently paddling from nowhere to nowhere. Few obstructions although a fair amount of driftwood.

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Richard Ham
07 Sep 2014
pleasant bimble can be had along this stretch and it's the longest lockfree stretch of waterway in the uk.Contrary to what's written here, the public car par at Goytre is about 50 yds from the waters edge and canoe's can be driven to within 10 feet of the water so not a problem using the car park. Cafe is very limited in what they have but great for a cuppa and a cake or an ice cream in the summer.



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