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Warwickshire - Oxford Canal/Grand Union - Napton to Flecknoe & return

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How to get there - From Southam take the A425 Daventry road. Take the right fork at the junction for Napton. Go through Napton towards Chapel Green. Turn right at Folly Lane. Park on the grass verge before the bridge.

From Holt Farm camp site turn right. Turn left at the junction through Chapel green and turn left into Folly Lane. For those with SatNav the postcode is CV47 8NZ. Alternatively, if camping at Holt Farm without a canoe you can launch from Napton Adkins Lock, one field away down a track.

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Suggested Launch Site - Carry boats over the bridge and then left down to the canal.

There is a shop and pub at the end of Folly Lane.

General Description - Launch and head away from the Napton flight of locks. The canal turns around Napton Hill initially. One of the farms there had an interesting assortment of farm animals in one field in July. At Napton canal junction carry on to the right onto the joint Oxford/Grand Union Canal.

After passing Shuckburgh pubs are rare. One place to stop is the bridge where the Olive branch pub is advertised. Park boats off the towpath then walk uphill for a long mile to Flecknoe. Turn right into the village then bear left for the pub (see map).

Total distance for paddle there and back is about 9 miles.


Holt Farm Camp Site

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