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Warwickshire - Oxford Canal - Marston Doles to Fenny Compton Wharf or return

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How to get there - To the south-east of Leamington Spa is Southam. On the A423 Southam bye-pass take the A425 towards Daventry, then very soon turn right at the junction to go to Marston Doles. There is parking near the lock.

The nearest postcode is CV47 7SS.

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Suggested Launch Site - At Marston Doles there is parking space. The easy launching is by the lock.

General Description - Head generally south and east. The canal follows the contours and is anything but straight. The canal is very rural and quite narrow. It has many brick bridges. The canal had much narrow boat traffic when I was on it in July 2006. At Wharf, near Fenny Compton, the canal meets the main A423 road and there is a pub (The Wharf) serving food. This is a convenient turning round place for a 15 mile trip or camp overnight (at the Wharf Inn) and return the next day. Or if you had the forsight to leave a car here it can be a comfortable 7.5 mile day trip.


Fenny Compton
The Wharf
The Wharf Inn

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