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Middlesex - River Thames - Hammersmith to Kew bridge & return

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How to get there - Go South over Hammersmith Bridge and turn left into Riverview Gardens. Free parking on Sundays & Bank holidays in road.

For those with SatNav the nearest postcode I could find is W6 9LQ.

Get a map with driving directions to start (enter the postcode of your starting point at A)

Suggested Launch Site - There are short steps under the bridge and at intervals to east and west.

General Description - Choose neap (minimum) tides and a start time to allow you to return to the exit point between high water and one hour after high water. After this time there may be too much current to exit safely dry. The trip to Kew bridge took my wife and I one hour in thermoplastic general purpose kayaks. Tidal information is available from the Met-Office "easytide" website.

Go upstream, with the tide. Cross the river with care to avoid larger craft and keep to the right hand side both ways in accordance with the Port of London Guide. [Editors Note - There are special rules that apply on this section of the Thames so it's not as simple as the "Keep Right" Rule. Please ensure you read and understand these before venturing onto the tidal Thames. The Port of London website is particularly helpful. The section on "Rowing on the Tideway" applies equally to canoeists.]

The route passes under Barnes and Chiswick bridges, but these are not problems near high water. There are waterside pubs, but remember your exit time deadline.

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James Cox
31 Aug 2009
The Port of London Authority publish the "River Thames Recreational Users Guide Teddington to Sea Reach." You can download it from their website and they will send you a laminated copy free of charge.Incidentally there are special rules for rowers in that area that obviate any keep right rules, also available on the PLA web site.


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