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Suffolk - River Stour - Cattawade to Dedham (& return)

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How to get there - Cattawade is reached by taking the B1070 off the A12 shortly after crossing in to Suffolk from Essex. As you arrive in the village, a few hundred yards before the roundabout, there is a turn on the right signed to the picnic area. Park here, & the put in is just across the grass.For those with SatNav the postcode is CO11 1QW.

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Suggested Launch Site - Cattawade Picnic Site

General Description - This is a return trip along a lovely rural section of the River Stour, in "Constable Country".

Heading west from the put in, the first few miles are a beautiful meandering section of river, with reeds, lily pads & bird song to accompany you.

After a couple of miles you pass Judas Gap Weir on the left. In strong flow take care here, & keep well to the right. Half a mile after this you arrive at Flatford Mill. Here you portage the lock on the left, with gentle steps shortly before the mill, & then a hundred yards or so smooth portage where a trolley helps matters!

Above the mill you will find yourself dodging rented rowing boats. The river now crosses pleasant meadows, & you will find a lot more people than on the first part. After less than 2 miles you come to Dedham, where there is a tea shop on the left & a lock beyond the bridge. Turn around here & return, or portage the lock & keep exploring!

Comments on this trip

Mark Pym
05 Sep 2023
Great route and very navigable. We did have to duck under a recently fallen tree but made it more fun!

Mike D
13 Sep 2011
The Environment Agency is the navigation authority for the Stour and you will need a licence from them. Alternatively you can join Canoe England/British Canoe Union and that membership will automatically cover you. Hope this helps and enjoy your future canoeing!

12 Sep 2011
Do you need a licience to kayak on the River stour as im in the early stages of purchasing a Kayak and would like to use between flatford mill and dedham and other stretches of the river.Your help would be much appriciated.


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