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Surrey - Mole - Hersham to Cobham (& return)

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How to get there - Old Esher Road is just off the main A244 that runs from Esher towards Walton.

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Suggested Launch Site - Over a low wall at the closed off end of the Old Esher Road is a grassy bank where there are a couple of easy put in points (these are often used by anglers so timing is key)

General Description - This is about 8 miles there and back and easily extended if you want to. It's an easy enough paddle with no locks, weirs or portages but there are quite a few obstacles in the shape of fallen trees etc which take a bit of getting past/through (esp as you near Cobham). It took me just under 4.5 hrs non stop but I extended it a little on the return to check out the posh houses up past the A244 bridge (you can carry on past this to the old mill area where you would find a weir). The return with the flow is much easier but be prepared to steer quickly when a blockage comes up! It's about as idyllic a trip as you can get as there are no other river users at all and you're unlikely to see another soul the whole way - just you and the ducks/heron/kingfisher. Unfortunately no pubs although if you did venture a bit further at the Cobham end there would be a couple in walking distance (I think you would come to another weir near the Portsmouth Road).

There are also put-ins near the rec by the Princess Alice hospice and a car park there (but again the low banks usually have anglers)

(photos next time!)



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